Find the feeding frenzies across the uk and avoid the halloween zombie invasion!

Ever wondered what human flesh tastes like? Use the map to find the towns and cities near you that are beyond help and infested with spooky subhumans! It’s up to you to keep track of the zombulation...

Use the map to save yourself! Our zombie heat map is the only way you can keep track of the infestation from Newcastle to Newquay*. Zoom in on your region and find out just how bad the damage is in your local area using the key provided! You might just have enough time to prepare yourself...


Are you sitting comfortably?...

The secret is out, the zombies have mutated and they are heading to a town near you! If you can’t beat them, join them. Don’t become another ‘Flesh Files’ statistic - follow the tips below and avoid becoming part of the offal trail

We want to keep you away from the brain buffet, giving you time to prepare and avoid the clutches of the infected ‘hosts’ - there is no helping them now! Survive the UK’s worst zombie attack this Halloween and see if you can disguise yourself enough to fool the zombies!

How to survive the zombie apocalypse

  1. Good running trainers Fortunately zombies don’t move very quickly so you should be able to out sprint them should they sniff you out!
  2. Baseball or cricket bat If you get caught up in some one-on-one zombie combat then a bat is the only option to knock out the subhumans and keep you on your merry way.
  3. Face mask There’s no easy way to say this... with all that rotting flesh in and around your neighbourhood the streets are going to stink! Make sure you have a face mask or bandana to wrap around you to avoid that stench.
  4. A good disguise If you are brave enough you could always disguise yourself as a zombie with some clever prosthetics and gory accessories in the hope that you will look like you have already succumbed to the infection.